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Melisa Osmond

"All of us were teenagers before and we will speak from our hearts...our mama hearts. We will share on power of kindness, power in loving you, power in positivity, and power in staying strong. We will share on the power tools to use when life is hard. This will be amazing for your girls. The tools will help navigate the teenage years and how to handle feelings and emotional hardships."


Melisa Osmond's "Power in You Event" is an empowering event for girl tweens, teens, and their moms. It is an event to promote confidence, self-esteem, and self worth. Growing up in today's world is no doubt a different time from when we were kids. Melisa has spoken at many events for girls and felt very inspired to create a event that will impact the lives of young girls today.

This will be an amazing event that you will never forget!

There is nothing quite like this out there. You will love every minute and be so uplifted. One thing I know for sure is no one's life is perfect. I have had conversations with moms in tears worried about their girls and what the world thinks of them. There is power in uniting and power in sharing and so much power knowing you are not alone through the hardships of life. There are many trials, but so much joy too. We will share the good and find that "Power in You" to always hold on to! This is for every tween and teen out there. You don't want to miss this. I can't wait to meet you and see you there.

Love, Melisa

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"I'm so glad I was able to

bring my daughter to the "Power in You" event. The speakers gave messages that were uplifting and entertaining to both myself and my pre-teen daughter. The lunch and soda bar were so yummy! We left with our awesome swag bags feeling uplifted and wanting to come back next time for more!"


-Jennifer Winn


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Mother Daughter "Power in You" Event
May 7th, 2022

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Melisa Osmond founded the Power In You Event in 2019 to bring together tweens, teens and their mothers. The event is filled with inspirational and empowerment messages from a range of women in the community. "Your daughters will be inspired and the little girl inside each of us will be uplifted," stated Melisa.

Melisa is a wife and a mother of 3 kids! She got her start at 19 years old working in LA in television. Melisa shares her platform of women empowerment and motherhood as a contributor on KSL's Studio 5 (see recent story).

She is also a public speaker and has spoken at many schools, conferences, including "Retreat for Girls," "SALT," "SOS Conference," "Wanna Be Balanced Event," as well as her very own "Power In You Event."

About Melisa

"So many brands want to contribute to  event and make you and your girls feel like Queens. They all share in the belief to uplift and strengthen our youth. All these brands stand by me in the effort to uplift these girls and make sure they know their value and worth in today's world."